Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta DANCE!

I'm going to attempt to post a few videos of my kids dancing. I usually have the radio on or my ipod plugged into the surround while cooking dinner a few nights a week. It makes for such a fun time. The kids stay out of the kitchen (kinda, unless they have a "move" they want to show me and I get to relax while doing an activity that I would much rather pay someone to do for me.

Jacob is my favorite boy in the world! He is so cute and talented. He always knows when mom needs a hug. He is a great listener and has a tender heart. He is perfect in school, never gets into any trouble and his teachers adore him.


I tried to post a video but it only allowed me to upload a picture. I'm going to try once more! I don't understand, maybe it's my computer? yeah, yeah......"maybe it's you!" I have already ruled that out! Here goes one more try...this is my favorite recent video. I just love his "noodle legs" as he calls them. He has said that he will sing and dance in the ward talent show this weekend so we shall see if he actually does it or not. I will be surprised if he dances in front of our ward...well, he was pretty crazy at the New Year's Eve dance so maybe he will.

No luck. It is just broken I guess!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I give up

I tried to post the pics from Disney but I just don't care to try, I give up. On to the present! It's MLK day and my kids have friends over to play. I have gotten so much cleaning done this past week with the school closed due to the snow and ice. I have been able to relax a little today since the cleaning is done and the kids are entertained with friends. I thought I would just go ahead and try to start 2011 with my first post and resign to try harder to post more regularly. Every year a mantra will slap me in the face but 2011 has not hit me yet. I'm looking forward to a greatly busy year! So far Sara is in a play and Jacob is signed up for baseball. I've got two races in mind for this year so far....I'm sure I will double or triple that by the end. I started the year in a semi-vegetive state. I had the flu and then phenomena and was stuck in bed completely miserable for New Year's day and the following week. Good times:) Moving forward....HEY!! THAT MIGHT BE MY MANTRA! Why not? Sounds good to me and there are things and words I wish I could go back and change from last year but I can't so......there ya go!

My resolutions: there have been a few times that I've been described in a way that makes me say, "REALLY? I'M REALLY LIKE THAT TO YOU??" So, my resolution is to live up to a higher potential.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Disney Pictures

It took me over an hour to post this one picture. Ahhhhh!!! I'll try again later tomorrow!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disney World!!!!

I'm a few months behind on my blog. There has been school starting up again, a few illnesses and lots of craft project going on over here since I last posted. I know there is time in the day to post stuff...I just forget!

We are headed to Disney tomorrow and I'm so excited I can't sleep! I will post pictures when we get back...those will be post worthy I'm sure since I'm going to try and get lots of pictures of how crazy my kids get in the happiest place on Earth! I hope that it is a happy place, I need it right now! There is always a negative attachment to this time of year for me for some reason and I get too anxious with these Holidays coming up and this cold weather.....I hate the cold!!! We have all had really nasty sinus infections that are finally going away. I know I got sick from running in the middle of the night in the freezing cold! Was so worth it though to get my best time! We have been doing quite a few changes to our home. I've been taking some before and after pictures, just have to wait for the after to be completed! Thanks for reading my post and I promise to have pics up really soon!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I've been really busy the last month. It's been quite an eventful summer already. I'm going to try and put up some pictures from this past month of the important stuff. We are relaxing at home today in between family gatherings for the Forth of July, so I'm able to finally post SOMETHING!

These are in the dang wrong order! Oh well! So, I went to the midnight release of Eclipse with my best girlfriends! We had a blast and I learned that if I get up at 5am, workout, pick green beans, go all day playing with the kids without a nap and then stay up till midnight......I lose my mind! I don't think I'll be doing that again on so little sleep!

These are shirts that Kristina and I made for Gene and Kasey to wear. Kasey didn't want to be selfish and leave her husband in a shirt that was actually the right size so she let him wear the one I brilliantly came up with. I think I'll make myself one for next time just like it. He makes it look so good !!!!
We went to a restaurant after a family baptism. My kids make the exact face whenever I try to get a good picture!
Barry and Stacylee...they have a contagieous happiness about them.
The sweetest picture.
Jacob had his face painted at the grocery store and when we got home the girls decided to paint their faces too.

They were not too happy about it for some reason.....I think they look great!
Uncle Ben......
This is his normal face.
My sister hanging out and eating some homemade "special ingredient" banana bread.
Jacob had a play date with his buddy Shane and I made them some bandanas. Lily tagged along all day. She adores her big brother.

Here is her baptism dress that all the women in the family helped make. <3>
I can't even put in words how it feels to have my oldest baptized. She says stuff now that surprises me and reminds me how much I love her and my savior. I'm really happy for her and the choice that she made to be baptized. I'm thankful for her testimony and for her sweet spirit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My baby sister graduated from High School in Valdosta this past weekend so we all went and made a weekend out of it. This is my niece who is four months old right before she started crying and had to be taken out. My sister (in the background) missed all of the ceremony except for my sister getting her diploma. Poor Madison just couldn't handle all the noise.
My brother thinks he is cooler beyond word. The hair isn't half bad. My kids did great through the entire ceremony. They just kept lap hopping from one family member to the next. All the sacraments that they sit through have trained them to endure long and boring meetings like this.

My beautiful sister with so many paths before her. Right after this picture she got in the car with our oldest sister and together they got lost on the way to the Mexican Restaurant. Two blondes don't make a right. I'm so proud of her!
BEACH time!!! We took off for Jacksonville early Sat. morning though it was not early enough for me! We got to our hotel room and changed and was on the sand in a record time!!! I took Sara out to boogie. We had some decent waves. There were a few times that Sara got knocked over but she was excited to learn.
Thank goodness I founf these shirts for Jacob and Lily. I'm still looking for one for Sara to wear. They burn so easily and these shirts are the best!

Wrong order. Sara rode a wave all the way in right after this and almost knocked a guy over.
View from our hotel. Awwww....I miss it so much already!

Of all the hotels that we could of stayed at....I picked this one just for the ocean front and pool. Was lots of fun for the kids and very comfortable for Gene and I. There was a 50 year High School Reunion going on when we first got there. Was wierd to see all the 68 yr olds getting together and acting like they were 18 again.

This is the only pic of all of us together. My camera died at the graduation so we used gene's camera and it was hard to operate and especially hard for a stranger to use.

Sara was begging for us to help her find a sand dollar. I told her they were hard to find and then Gene just picked up this one on the side of this tide pool.....COME ON!
Wrong order again. We ate dinner out on the patio Sat. night because I couldn't stand to miss a minute looking out at the beach.

Going home :( There are pictures of me when we were leaving but it's just too sad. These guys look happy:)

He is a riot....what more can I say?

Sara's fantasticly awesome teacher Mrs. Winchester. She is just the best!
Sara's buds who get her in trouble for talking.